Why should I choose aluminum Windows?Doors?

First of all, aluminum is a metal with excellent mechanical properties, which revolutionized many technological sectors.

Although much lighter than other metals, it has very high mechanical strength levels and that is why it is so broadly used in aeronautics, a very demanding field. Also, it is very resistant to many forms of corrosion and has almost zero maintenance cost.

Αluminium frames are the solution that will provide you with very robust doors and windows and, therefore, increased security and long-term durability. In case of high-temperature fluctuations, they do not warp in the long term, a fact that is very important in regions with a lot of sunshine and high temperatures during the summer. This is why they offer highly exact dimensions that remain unaltered and are not prone to expansions and contractions. Thus, maximum tightness against air and water and a perfect fit between the frame and the window’s sash is achieved.

Creation of large spans for maximum natural light
It is a green material that can be recycled forever
In case of fire, aluminum windows & doors don’t help it spread and in fact, they limit it
The energy required to recycle it is only 5% of that consumed for its initial production
Furthermore, aluminum door and window frames offer very high levels of security due to their durable and solid construction, deterring possible intruders. As they are very robust, they work effectively with a large number of mechanisms & accessories, further bolstering your security. Wall Innovations door and window frames are certified for their anti-burglar protection, in accordance with the international standard ‘RC – Resistance Classification’.