New solutions for entrance doors


ALUMIL’s hinged thermally insulated system SMARTIA S67 URBAN is unique because it combines the industrial style with high performance levels. Aiming to further develop the system, we recently launched new solutions for entrance doors.


S67 URBAN has a totally modern design. At the same time, it provides the option of muntins that can divide the glazing in smaller parts and create the classic grid windows, like the real steel ones. The same can be achieved with the entrance doors solutions. The new door typologies can be opened either inwards or outwards. The same sash and frame profile can be used for their construction, as it occurs with the windows and patio doors typologies. This leads to uniformity that perfectly completes the aesthetics.

The additional profile is used only by height, in order to install the lock, for which there is the option of single or triple locking point. In accordance with the hinges, there can be used heavy-duty ones, as well as concealed, for more minimal result. It is worth noting that, thanks to the use of the same accessories as with the window typologies, the construction of S67 URBAN entrance doors is achieved through sustainable practices and by adopting the circular economy model.

The new solutions for entrance doors give SMARTIA S67 URBAN even more flexibility, for complete constructions that stand out, offering comfort, safety, and high aesthetics.