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Exceptional sound insulation

Hinged insulated system SUPREME S77

The system SUPREME S77 is ALUMIL’s proposal for advanced insulating casements, which meet the high standards of all advanced markets and incorporate a modern design. It is the ideal solution for projects that require high performance and maximum security.


Industrial Look

Hinged insulated system SMARTIA S67 URBAN

SMARTIA S67 URBAN is a new hinged insulated system of unique aesthetics that ideally combines the industrial look along with top performances.


Modern design

Hinged insulated system SUPREME S91

The system SUPREME S91 was specially designed in order to meet the high requirements of passive houses. It is ideal for heavy-duty and energy-efficient constructions offering a high-security level. The system’s development was driven by the need for best in class performances in terms of thermal insulation, water tightness, as well as sound reduction. The system is the perfect solution for the most demanding markets.


High-security level

Lift & slide insulated system SUPREME S700

The lift & slide system SUPREME S700 represents the new generation of ALUMIL’s high-end systems. It is an excellent solution for projects with demanding requirements, meeting the trend of “transparent” architecture through extensive glass surfaces, with high thermal insulation, safety and modern design. Its minimal design and its various innovative characteristics, make it the ideal option for projects requiring wide spans for enhanced daylight, outstanding performance and maximum ease of use


Ideal for wide spans

Minimal Sliding insulated system SUPREME S650 PHOS

The thermally insulated sliding system SUPREME S650 PHOS is the ideal solution for projects requiring wide spans with minimal aluminum sight lines. Massive yet elegant glazing surfaces are achieved while maintaining high functionality, performances, and minimal architectural design.


Industrial Look

Entrance doors insulated system SUPREME SD115

ALUMIL creates new horizons for modern residential and industrial design thanks to the innovative design of the system SUPREME SD115 Pivot that offers extremely large entrance doors for an exceptional aesthetic result with a pure, minimalistic design and coplanar surfaces.


Amazing Features

SUPREME SF85 Insulated Folding Doors

A world-class highly insulated folding door system with bottom-slide operation, which combines minimal aesthetics with outstanding performance, very large dimensions with literally low sight lines, enhanced burglar protection with a very large variety of solutions.


Elegant minimal or traditional

SMARTIA PG120F Fixed Pergola System

A complete pergola system with fixed louvers that provides shading and at the same time upgrades the aesthetics of the surrounding area. Its robust and sturdy construction assures lifetime durability without any maintenance requirements.

The system SMARTIA PG120F is characterized by a wide range of elegant solutions and categorized into four (4) basic models:

  • CRETA – The epitome of minimalism
  • CORFU – An exceptional modern proposal
  • NAXOS – Traditional design with timeless value
  • KOS – Extraordinary design completely water-sealed


Clean lines, minimal

COMFORT M8100 Aluminium Railings Inox Type

Inox type aluminium railings with minimal design and in round, square and rectangular sections. Suitable for balconies and stairs and ideal for residences as well as hotel facilities.


Solid profiles with real sense of wood

WOODEE Wood Composite Decking

Top quality wood composite product in solid profiles, ideal for outdoor and indoor decking, wall cladding and fencing applications. With a special recipe (60% wood and 40% polyethylene) and a wide variety of solutions, as well as premium quality and excellent durability, thus accompanied by a 25-year warranty.


Building Materials

WOODALUX the innovative building material for effective shading and contemporary building decoration

An innovative product based on aluminium profiles capped with wood composite material of premium quality. Ideal for decorative and shading applications, which offer long-lasting natural look to buildings & outdoor constructions. Decorative trellises and grids, vertical & horizontal cladding boards, pergola and fencing louvers as well as treated as a multi-purposed building material.


For modern wall-cladding constructions

SMARTIA Barcode Cladding

SMARTIA M7000 Barcode Cladding is the ideal series for modern wall-cladding constructions, applied both at exterior and interior and upgrading overall aesthetics and energy levels. Undoubtedly, this is an astonishingly useful tool for architects to design impressive constructions and cover, in a unique style, large surfaces of commercial & office buildings, modern residences, etc.