Elegant minimal or traditional

SMARTIA PG120F Fixed Pergola System

A complete pergola system with fixed louvers that provides shading and at the same time upgrades the aesthetics of the surrounding area. Its robust and sturdy construction assures lifetime durability without any maintenance requirements.

The system SMARTIA PG120F is characterized by a wide range of elegant solutions and categorized into four (4) basic models:

  • CRETA – The epitome of minimalism
  • CORFU – An exceptional modern proposal
  • NAXOS – Traditional design with timeless value
  • KOS – Extraordinary design completely water-sealed


  • Great variety of competitive solutions which cover any need
  • Elegant constructions in minimal design with clean lines and concealed fixing points
  • Extreme sturdiness which resists high wind loads and vibrations, which allows very large dimensions, up to 4.8×6.0m.
  • Allows multiple structures due to the way transoms are attached to mullions (expendability)
  • Most of the manufacturing take place in the fabrication unit and the installation is very easy and fast
  • High quality surface treatment due to the pre-anodising process option and the fact that all fittings are made of extruded aluminium and casted (coating does not peel off in time).