Building Materials

WOODALUX the innovative building material for effective shading and contemporary building decoration

An innovative product based on aluminium profiles capped with wood composite material of premium quality. Ideal for decorative and shading applications, which offer long-lasting natural look to buildings & outdoor constructions. Decorative trellises and grids, vertical & horizontal cladding boards, pergola and fencing louvers as well as treated as a multi-purposed building material.


  • No need for maintenance in contrast to wood
  • Extremely resistant to wood decaying factors (salt, insects rot) and harsh weather conditions
  • Natural and warmer aesthetics in contrast to coated aluminium
  • Lasts much more than wood sublimation, without fading out when placed directly to sunlight
  • Enhanced sturdiness which allows much bigger lengths
  • It can be curved, does not break and stays straight
  • Extensive variety in terms of profiles, colors and applications
  • Multi-purpose building material, easy to handle
  • Truly innovative and differentiating in the market