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Wall Innovation seeks to provide engineered solutions for both luxury and affordable projects. Our US-based experienced engineering team analyses each project for applicable local codes and evaluates them from structural, thermal, and acoustic perspectives to provide unique solutions for your needs. We firmly believe that engineering should be the cornerstone for innovation. Our solution comes with detailed shop drawings a stamped set of calculations from a licensed Professional Engineer.


Working with the renowned international company Alumil, our range of solutions include bioclimatic pergolas with motorized rotating blades to convert an open-air space into a cozy and enjoyable place year around, minimal sliders with ultra-slim sightlines and post-less corners and folding walls that are maximizing your view. Our products are inherently designed to give you the luxurious experience you deserve.

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Our experienced team will guide you all along from the early stages of design by working closely with your architect, to the final product installation to ensure desired design, code compliance, structural integrity, and water-tight application and installation.

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Wall Innovations offers high-quality doors and windows for both commercial and residential property owners. Wall Innovations is recognized as a solution for architectural design with the highest level of professional services and innovations that count in this space.